Explore Washington D.C. and Arlington

When you stay at The Inn of Rosslyn, you have the best of both worlds. You're in a charming Arlington, VA neighborhood within walking distance of popular sites, shops and restaurants, and just a Metro or Uber ride away from central Washington, D.C. In a jiffy you're at The White House, The Botanical Gardens, and the National Mall. Experience American history easily from The Inn of Rosslyn.

The Bond Between Arlington and Rosslyn

A wonderful neighborhood in a wonderful town! Shop Arlington at The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, with stores and restaurants that range from the upscale to the casual. For nature lovers, Theodore Roosevelt Island Park has 88.5 acres on the Potomac with walking trails. Rosslyn boasts free outdoor Cinema in the summer and a September Jazz Fest.

Washington, D.C.

Something profound happens when you explore Washington, D.C. Politics and history are in the air. Stories seep from the solid, architectural styles and monuments to those who have served their country. No matter where you're from, you can sense American values of freedom and democracy.

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